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Internet Dating Scams

Did you know that one negative online review can cost a business around 30 potential customers? Forelogix explains how to properly manage your hotel’s website & online presence for optimum success.
Knowing that direct internet bookings are increasing at a pace annually, it’s more of a fact than a choice. Hotels have to get into the online world if they are to keep up with customer trends. If people change how they communicate and relate, then hoteliers must follow suit and adapt to a changing environment.

So, what techniques can social media use for hotels to their advantage?

Social media is a commitment. In order to build a brand, there must be consistency. Even if you are not doing social media internally, there needs to be a commitment to communication. This includes not only information but also photos and video.

Be You (Branding)
In social media, you need to be yourself. In the case of a business or a brand, the voice needs to reflect that brand.

Gear Up
Use tools to maximize efficiency. Take photos or videos I Instagram (and Vine) and send them directly to Twitter. If Facebook is a part of your social media mix, post the photos separately to Facebook of all online consumers who use social media regularly

Before you start posting, develop a plan. Identify the content your audience wants to receive and how that works for your business. For example, if you post a photo of the weekly/weekend specials, customers will come in just for those specific items.

Manage (Hiring talented individuals)
Decide how much you can handle and delegate tasks to your staff. However, the day-to-day monitoring of all accounts should be one person’s responsibility. If monitoring your accounts during service seems overwhelming. Call Forelogix! We can help people will look up a restaurant online prior to visiting for the first time. This can include checking for a website and looking up reviews on social media platforms.

Social media allows for a direct line of communication, which can be both good and bad. If it’s the latter start a private conversation, address the issue, and invite the guest back in. It can be a challenge to handle complaints dispassionately. This might be another to hire a social media

Taste test
Meet with your team weekly to discuss what worked and what didn’t. If you outsource your social media, you should be provided with a monthly report. If you are doing social media internally, both Facebook and Twitter offer analytics. Take a look to familiarize yourself with what content and times work best for your audience.

Jamming up by creating a Slack Community
Slack is a free online message service for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Think of it as a super-mini version of a private Facebook community, where you can answer questions, give out free advice and moderate content/advice that your community members share with one another. One common theme I am weaving here is that in order for you to stand out online, you must learn the importance of fostering positive and genuine connections with others in your industry.