Empowering Sports Organizations with Next-Level Solutions

Innovative Solutions for Enhancing Operations

At our firm, we understand the importance of sports and its impact on individuals and society. Our goal is to provide innovative and effective solutions to the sports industry, helping organizations enhance their operations and improve the overall experience for fans and athletes.

Concentrate on your business, while We make your customer satisfied & happy

Concentrate on your business, while We make your customer satisfied & happy


Delight your customers with seamless customer experience and empower your associates with the best-in-class contact center technology and software. Upstream BPO elevates the customer and associate experience through  connective technologies designed and implemented for you.


Partnerships and collaborations​

We constantly look for new ideas. Our engineers and scientists collaborate with other companies and organizations to find ways to improve efficiency and help lower emissions for several modes of transportation.

Dedicated to Improving the Sports Industry with Innovative and Quality Solutions

We are dedicated to providing innovative and quality solutions to the sports industry. Our services are designed to help organizations streamline their operations, improve the fan experience, and stay ahead of the competition.

Sports Data Management

We offer sports data management services that provide accurate and up-to-date information for teams, players, and fans. This includes statistical analysis, player performance tracking, and data visualization.

Fan Engagement Platforms

Our fan engagement platforms are designed to help sports organizations connect with their fans, providing real-time updates, insights, and engagement opportunities. This platform also provides valuable data on fan behavior, preferences, and insights that can help organizations make informed decisions.

Ticketing and Event Management:

Our ticketing and event management services help sports organizations manage ticket sales, attendee information, and event logistics. This includes online ticket sales, on-site ticket scanning, and data analysis to help organizations optimize their events.

Customer Support

Our customer support services provide assistance to fans, athletes, and sports organizations in areas such as ticket sales, event information, and technical support. Our support agents are trained to handle inquiries and resolve issues efficiently and effectively.