Optimizing your processes for a smarter tomorrow.

Technology pioneers rely on us to provide outstanding customer service, technical support, and value-added sales. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients rise to the top of this highly competitive market by providing support solutions for consumer devices and applications, enterprise technology, the internet, and portals.

Streamline your operations, with technology support

Technology companies that outsource to Upstream BPO can accelerate their go-to-market strategy, supplement their lead generation efforts, streamline operational efficiencies, and address customer concerns at every step of the customer journey. We have over 15 years of experience in BPO outsourcing for tech companies and have helped many brands achieve and maintain growth.

Concentrate on your business, while We make your customer satisfied & happy

Concentrate on your business, while We make your customer satisfied & happy


Delight your customers with seamless customer experience and empower your associates with the best-in-class contact center technology and software. Upstream BPO elevates the customer and associate experience through  connective technologies designed and implemented for you.

Partnerships and collaborations​

We constantly look for new ideas. Our engineers and scientists collaborate with other companies and organizations to find ways to improve efficiency and help lower emissions for several modes of transportation.

Conquer challenges & achieve success with Upstream BPO

Technology companies face the daunting task of reducing costs and increasing margins while developing new products and engaging with existing and prospective customers through their preferred channels. Discover how our responsive customer engagement solutions allow you to meet and support each customer where they are right now.

Performance and capability

To operate more efficiently and augment the capabilities of their existing workforces, tech companies are outsourcing people and resources by leveraging AI. Our specialist automation teams at Upstream BPO can assist you in deploying the right teams and integrating AI-driven technologies and processes into your operations—streamlining repetitive tasks, scoping security risks, and providing 24×7 customer support.

Compliance and security

Due to the vast amounts of sensitive personal data access apps, software, hardware, and network services—making tech firms and their customers extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks—security remains a top concern. Upstream BPO takes information security very seriously: we adhere to the most stringent international standards and compliance protocols, such as PCI-DSS certification and SOC 1&2 attestations, to ensure that your customers’ information is always secure.


Scalability and adaptability

More people rely on technology for their work and personal lives, and competition is fierce. Hence this means that tech firms will need to remain agile to maintain long-term business growth. Employing an in-house team can be costly and slow down business response based on real-time usage levels of consumers. Upstream BPO has over 15 years of experience quickly deploying scalable BPO solutions for private and publicly traded tech companies, removing the risks associated with direct employment. Traditional, fully-managed operations from our modern workspaces are one of our flexible outsourcing engagement models.