Upstream BPO
Who Are We?

In 2015 Upstream BPO Sdn Bhd was awarded MSC status Malaysia from MDECIn  the overview past years, Upstream BPO Serviced 200+ customers across 18 countries.

Award-winning BPO Services

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Upstream BPO Sdn. Bhd. is an Award winning Business Process Outsourcing company, with the ability to cater for diverse overview verticals with intelligent business operations. We specialize in Contact Center services, Telemarketing services, Appointment setting services & complete Sales Pipeline management.

The Best Multilingual Staff in the Business
Having employees who can communicate with this large demographic puts your company at an enormous advantage. If your staff can communicate with customers and better understand their culture, then you could see an uptick in business.
Great Clients, Great Staff and Great Service
Our clients range from fast-growing SMEs to global brands. Our service combines high-quality and knowledgeable agent teams, unprecedented flexibility to up or downscale campaigns and a commitment to overview and exceed client expectations on every project we undertake. It’s not rocket science but it works every time.
Our Management
Our management team comprises of multi-disciplined professionals with over 50 years of cumulative work experience spanning three continents. The heart of our modus operandi is a high-performance centric environment where KPIs and milestones are regularly monitored, and immediate actions are taken where required.

We are strategically located in Cyberjaya, the technology hub of Malaysia, in the newly developed, state-of-the-art, Central business district 2 MSC Cybercenter.

The good things Every week free food Free shopping Team outing every week Dinner with management and a friendly environment. The challenges Leading team Objection handling Reward Achievement

Resource Planning Analyst | July 2022

Nice working place and learning enviroment The good things Such a nice working place with a nice view. Superior was so nice and friendly which is we are comfortable working with them and enjoy it. I didn't feel stressed working with them and their superior was very understanding. The challenges Systems always changing from time to time and I need to be a fast learner to catch up with new systems and procedures. But it was great and teach me to be more focused and mature in handling new jobs in the future. Also, it was a quite a nice experience for me.

Customer service | Jul 2022

The good things The company provides a good salary, team outing, a nice working environment, and provide a good platform to develop a career The challenges Have to push harder to become more successful

Human Resource | Jul 2022

Positive Working Environment The good things Positive working environment, Supporting employee growth, Transparent and open communication The challenges Multi-Tasking, Deals with customers, but all these can be overcome with a positive working environment,

Quality Analyst | Jul 2022