Fast Moving Consumer Goods

With quickly moving consumer items, we establish connections and pinpoint possibilities for development.


Unlocking Opportunities for Development with Seamless Connections

At Upstream, we excel in establishing connections and identifying growth possibilities. Our extensive experience spans across various industries, and we've partnered with some of the largest FMCG organizations globally. We deeply understand the intricate challenges this industry can pose, from managing end-user queries, complaints, and processes to collaborating with resellers, distributors, and supply chain partners.

Upstream is uniquely positioned to enhance your customer experience, reduce your cost-to-serve, accelerate time to market, and expedite revenue generation. We specialize in simplifying complex, multi-point processes and offer cutting-edge process-enhancing technologies, backed by high-quality resources and comprehensive services.

Proven Expertise, Outstanding Results

Our track record with leading FMCG companies demonstrates our ability to navigate the complexities of this industry successfully. We’ve honed our skills in addressing customer needs and operational challenges, always aiming to drive profitability without compromising user or customer satisfaction.

Deep experience and proven results ​

We have worked with some of the largest FMCG organizations in the world and understand the complexity and range of difficulties this industry can present to you, from end-user queries, complaints, and process management to re-seller, distributor, and supply chain partners.

Empowering Your Business for Rapid Growth

Discover how we can fuel your company’s growth and rapidly turn your products into revenue drivers. We’re committed to enhancing the user and customer experience while efficiently supporting your business expansion.

Technology Tailored to Your Operations

At Upstream BPO, we believe in delighting your customers and empowering your associates with top-notch contact center technology and software solutions. Our connective technologies are custom-designed and implemented to elevate both customer and associate experiences.


Optimizing Growth and Reducing Costs

Through our expertise in simplifying processes and offering advanced technology solutions, we are poised to boost customer experience, reduce costs, hasten your time to market, and kickstart your revenue generation. Join forces with us to overcome the challenges and achieve lasting success.


Guidance and Support in Complex Situations


Furthermore, our Audit, Risk, and Compliance team is here to provide you with the most up-to-date and compliant guidance. We navigate through often challenging circumstances, ensuring a smooth experience for both your organization and your end customers.


Overcoming Challenges

Additionally, by collaborating with our Audit, Risk, and Compliance team, we can provide you with the most current and compliant guidance and help through circumstances that are frequently trying and challenging for both you and your end customers.