Enterprise Software As A Service(SAAS)

Delivering Sustainable Growth and Scale Through Enterprise Software 
Effective Customer Support Outsourcing for SAAS Companies and Superior CX Management

Upstream BPO provides greater flexibility and faster response times.

Leading the way in sustainable development.

Enable to take advantage of market possibilities and drive development through services, novel products, and experiences if Upstream BPO controls your CX deliverables. To solve the customer’s pain points and provide individualized solutions, we examine major platform-growth problems using research-led and data-driven insights.

Upstream BPO provides greater flexibility and faster response times. ​


Technology built around the needs of operations

Delight your customers with seamless customer experience and empower your associates with the best-in-class contact center technology and software. Upstream BPO elevates the customer and associate experience through  connective technologies designed and implemented for you.

Partnerships and collaborations​

We constantly look for new ideas. Our engineers and scientists collaborate with other companies and organizations to find ways to improve efficiency and help lower emissions for several modes of transportation.



We can hire a sizable worldwide staff that will be accessible to your clients across time zones because we have offices on every continent. By choosing Fusion as your customer engagement partner, you can assure speedier replies and availability around the clock, ensuring higher CX results.

Efficiency at its finest, with Upstream BPO

Upstream’s customer experience management solutions are adaptable and simple to customize to unique business requirements for software platforms and SAAS firms. Your clients will receive better responses and more efficient service delivery thanks to our fully-managed services, ensuring your company’s long-term success.