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Avoid being a victim of scams and protect yourself!

Scams are increasing, so use caution!

It has come to our attention that a growing number of people are being solicited by con artists posing as Upstream BPO employees.
They attempted to invite people to attend phoney job interviews with organizations or to offer false employment.

Only emails with the “” email address are exchanged with the Upstream BPO Malaysia recruitment team.
An email will be used for official communication on job offers and interview dates in addition to other non-verifiable communication channels (Whatsapp, Telegram, and social media).

At any time throughout the hiring process, if someone requests money from you in the name of Upstream BPO, politely refuse to pay.
The senders are skilled thieves who want to take advantage of you and your money or personal information, so don’t get in touch with them again.

Please be sure of the following to prevent falling for such traps:
Avoid clicking any dubious links.
Don’t divulge delicate personal data (NRIC, bank account number, one-time password, verification codes)
Use only official company accounts while transacting.
Defy the urge to take instant action.
Stop now and talk to someone you can trust.

If the employment offer seems too good to be true or you have doubts about the recruiter who approached you, let us know by sending an email to so we can confirm the consultant’s identity and the job position.
You might also choose to report the incident to the local authorities.